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Good Morning Bookish Friends!

This is the place for all things literary. A space to share bookish content, explore writing tips, and whip up a few prompt-based stories. So make yourself a nice, warm mug of tea or coffee or whatever your preference may be, and sit down with me as we journey through the pages together.

~ J.

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Latest from the Blog

Returning with a Book Haul

Hello book besties! Hello wonderful reader friends! I know, I know, it’s been a hot minute. Or two… Or three… This first half of the year has kicked my ass in so many ways, and needless to say, reading, and writing about reading, hasn’t been very high on my to-do list. But books, in general,Continue reading “Returning with a Book Haul”

January Wrap Up

Hell-o beautiful friends! Today is the first or second day of February, depending on where you are in the world, which means it’s time for the January wrap. Time to talk about all the books consumed in the year’s first month. And can I just say… What a doozie of a month it’s been. ButContinue reading “January Wrap Up”

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